Jerky Time Soft Chicken Pollock Heart Shape

Jerky Time Soft Chicken Pollock Heart Shape

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Indulge your dog with the delicious natural treats of soft chicken pollock heart shape, with real chicken meat human-grade, naturally preserved to retain its freshness taste. Low in fats, good digestion, omega-3 fatty acid, vitamin and mineral enriched, high in protein Ideal for training reward for senior dogs and puppies, or simply use it as a sumptuous snack to treat your dog.

  • High protein
  • Vitamins n minerals

Ingredients: chicken, codfish, glycerin, starch, vegetable protein, sorbitol, vegetable oil, salt, contains EU permitted colorant.  

Product Analysis: Crude Protein 26.0%; Crude Fat 2.5%; Crude Ash 1.0%; Moisture 32%.

Feeding Advice: As a chew snack for between meals. Always provide an adequate supply of fresh drinking water