Pampet Diapers Size M

Pampet Diapers Size M

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Pampets Pet Diapers fits snugly and does not stick to the fur, making it convenient for you to use on your pet. It provides a hygienic leak-proof protection for your pet, making this ideal for untrained puppies, females on heat, pets with incontinence, marking, and even post surgery care. 

- Comfortable fit

- Leak-proof

- Does not stick to fur


- Resealable.


Diaper Size Pet Weight Waist Measurement Pieces Per Pack
Medium 8-12kg 40-53cm 16pcs

Usage Guidelines:
1. Properly position the diaper with the hole towards your pet's tail.
2. Place diaper in between dog's back legs.
3. Adjust the velcro take to fit snugly even the dog's back.