Pink Bloomers

Pink Bloomers

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Pink Bloomers, enjoy a beautifully crafted cake for your pawkids !


Choice of meat (beef/chicken/lamb/pork)
green pea 
dog bun treats
coconut flake

Size Of Cake:
 4-inch Cake:3-4 portions for a small dog or 1-2 portions for a large dog.
6-inch Cake : 6-8 portions for a small dog, or 2-4 portions for a large dog. 
8-inch Cake :12-16 portions for a small dog, or 4-8 portions for a large dog.

Colouring Of Cake:
Strictly no artificial colouring is used for our cake frostings. All colour is achieved through fruit/vegetable.
Additional Name On Cake @ $5 
Additional Fairylights @ $4
Kindly indicate the wordings that you would like to be written on the cake
The cake can be kept for up to 3 days, refrigerated or up to 1 month frozen.
It can be served chilled, or heated for a short while 
Pawrents do take note that the frosting may not hold up well after being heated.