Sunrise Winter Season Sweet Potato Sticks 25pcs

Sunrise Winter Season Sweet Potato Sticks 25pcs

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Limited Edition Winter Season Sunrise Sweet Potato dog treats for Dogs. Added dog's favorite sweet potato to toothbrush gum that makes use of collagen fibers. It is a snack that you can brush your teeth while eating the taste of winter deliciously. Get a pack now!
- Suitable for all dogs
- Healthy snack
- Tasty
- Dental clean

Ingredients: Meat (cowhide, etc.), potatoes (sweet potato, etc.), grains, dietary fiber, phosphorylated oligosaccharide calcium (POs-CaR), minerals (baked calcium), flavors, vitamins (E), coloring agents (yellow 5, Red yeast pigment), apple extract

Protein: 54.0% or more, Fats 0.4% or more, crude fiber: 3.0% or less, ash: 7.0% or less, water: 25.0% or less

Calories: 305 kcal (per 100 g)